Lawino Throws Shade At Y-Celeb As Fly Jay Returns Back To The Streets

Zambia’s youngest rapper is back on the streets, at least the rumours are saying so. Many music fans are reporting to have seen Fly Jay back onto the streets of Lusaka wandering about as he has always done. This has come to the shock of many especially that we had expected a different lifestyle after it was confirmed that the young rapper was under the care of Team Super, as reported earlier this year.

Fly Jay was earlier this year in July confirmed to have abandoned his long time Manager & Mentor, Lawino for Copperbelt’s Team Super under the guidance of Y-Celeb. In a short video circulated online by Rite Media, it could be seen Fly Jay cruising in a speedboat while sharing the news about his switch from Lusaka to Join Y-Celeb and King Deza.

In the same video, Fly Jay disclosed that his former Manager used to take advantage of him, by sitting over his talent and often keeping the money generated from music shows all to himself leaving the young rapper with peanuts. With his new management (by then), Fly Jay revealed that he was about to start going to school, establish himself in the Copperbelt and develop his talent amicably.

However, with his new camp, the general public was quick to point out the drastic change in the character of the young boy, often describing it as being from bad to worse. This was because Fly Jay style of rap suddenly lost its uniqueness, often imitating Junior Supa another young rapper under Y-Celeb.
Concerns escalated when Edna of Zambian Music Blog tried to sit down with Fly Jay to get an insight of his career but ended up being irritated by the kids’ dismantled behaviour. Though Lawino earlier expressed his disappointment, it was a dead-end effort to reclaim the kid back.
Earlier this week it was reported by many online Social Media Pages about Fly Jay’s return to the streets. Though such rumours where unverified, Y-Celeb himself seems to be in shock after he shared a post with a crying emoji on his official Facebook Page. However, his post did not go unpunished, as Fly Jay’s former Manager dismissed Y-Celeb’s concerns and stabbing him in the process. It might look as though Lawino has also found a way to redeem himself for being ridiculed at failing to keep Fly Jay in the first place.

While Y-Celeb has not replied yet, it is inevitable that he will shoot back for he is known for not letting anything slide.