King Illest Discusses His Branding, Birthday Suit Backlash & Relationship With Chef 187 During Interview On Joy FM

Tonga trap lingo architect King Illest was this afternoon invited by DJ Pressure-T PMC on Joy FM to discuss various aspects of his career. The “Bacheende” Hit maker was free to open up to discuss various items regarding his music carreer and personality including his belief and relationship with other artists.
To kick off the show; King Illest discussed with DJ Pressure T the importance of artist branding and the major role it plays when it comes to earning a living out of it.
The Tonga centralised rapper emphasized that artists are brands of which the coporatwe institutions are interested in in working with to sell their products and services. Hence, he pointed out why it’s very crucial for musicians to create a specific image for themselves if only they intend to make money out of their career.

On another incindence of the show; King Illest also adressed the fact that the issue of him being presented in a similar dress code to the Seventh Day Adventist attire during his birthday bash last year got to him personally becaouse he respects God and religion, especially if we consider the fact that his mother is a leader of the same church. He also disclosed that he has since written a formal apology to the Seventh Day church even though he hasn’t received a response yet.
The rapper who has worked with various artists in the industry so far, expressed his relationship status with other musicians especially with that of Chef 187 whom King Illest described to have a special bond with. This included him mentioning the fact that his song with the Numero Uno “Kakwama” has been the most expensive project that King Illest has spent in his career so far.
You can check out the entire interview from the live video that King Illest shared on his Facebook Page below: