King Buga Claps Back At K’Chinga “It’s Always Your Own People That Will Try To Knock Your Hustle”

Retired HipHop mugul Macky 2 has shared his displeasure towards the recent sentiments by K Chinga, who was recently recorded trashing King Buga’s international collabo with A.K.A, beautiful night.

in a chat with Camstar, K Chinga suggested the song by Macky 2 with AKA was a flop, and thats the only reason why AKA did not share the song on his Social Media platforms, claiming it did not reasonate with his branding.

In response to the above sentiments, Macky 2 took it to his Social Media platforms to share his disbelief because the rapper believes he has done nothing wrong but only show support to both Camstar & K Chinga, and did not expect to be disrespected in such a manner by them.

Here is what he wrote on his Facebook Page:

Its Always Your Own People That Will Try To Knock Your Hustle.. In The Past I Have Gone Out Of My Way To Help These 2 Guys Here, Today They Have The Audacity To Sit Down And Talk Like This About My Me?. Lol
Why Do You Think Every KB Diary Song Has My Name In It? ….IMPACT
All I Can Say Is I Have “God’s Favor”
And Favor Is Unfair.. ­čśü
Its Hard To Explain.. It Makes People Ask Questions Like “Why Him Again” Questions Like.. “Why Do People Love Him? He Is Not Even That Good” Lol
Koseni Fye..
To All The Young People Out There.. Dont Focus Your Energy On Other People’s Hustle, Concentrate On You Own. …Otherwise You Will Be Frustrated And Bitter. Lol
Again.. Dont Let Yourself Be Jealous Of People You Should Be Learning From.
To @K’Chinga This Post Alone Is Enough Free Clout And Publicity For A Song.. Drop Something FIRE Bomfwe Abantu.
– Retired General

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