WATCH: Kido Kohkane’s “Brenda” Is Driving Beautiful Girls CRAZY!!!!

Kido Kohkane could be a new face in the game, but he is swiftly proving to be an eminent rapper. His skill and direction is determinned to bring a twist to the traditional Zambian HipHop, adding a softcore flavour that seems to favour ladies more.

In his latest song, Brenda which was released earlier this year he seems to have won the hearts of all the beautiful ladies out their and the response is more than expected.

The Song has been shared more than 250 times across social media platforms and has enjoyed over  2,000 downloads in its first month putting among the most trending songs on Teamsyre Network this year.



His Producer, Vue Smallz has taken to instagram to share all the latest videos pouring from the beautiful ladies as they jam to this amazing song. It it still unofficial as to whether this is a challenge or not, but the fans have no time for that, they are feeling the song and are free to express themselves!!!!

Check out the beautiful videos posted on instagram below, and feel free to follow Vue Smallz (@vue_smallz) on instagram for more video updates

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