Kido Kohkane Performs His Latest Single “When I Say” Live At The JR Urban Showroom!

Kido Kohkane recently had a beautiful live performance for his latest single “When I Say” at the JR Urban Showroom.

The latest single which was produced by Vue Smallz, is a chilled Afro R&B blend in which the star is complaining about the absurd behaviour of his current girlfriend, who instead of creating time for both to hang out together choses to continue nagging and accusing Kido Kohkane of being a playboy.

The “Champion BoyKido Kohkane has shown great improvement to his talent and it seems he has finally foung his matchup genre in Afro Pop tunes. His last two or three projects have seen him win a great fanbase unlike the startup times when he was a full time rapper.

Check out the video below.


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