Ken Wallace Set For His Musical Comeback With “BloodLine”

Sensentional R&B music singer Ken Wallace is scheduled to make his official music comeback in 2020 with an outstanding monster track, just this month. The artist whose last music was over six months ago, shared with us the good news about his comeback.

His previous Music, No Extra Love was a classic album which was overwhelmingly received by his fans and music lovers for his creativity. His Single “Closer To You” was nominated for the Power Promo Song of the Week on Power FM 91.3 MHz. He went on later to attend an interview with DJ KayJay LaShawn.



Just when he seeemed to be the next biggest star on the scene, Ken Wallace seeminglessly  went offf the space, leaving only his music playing behind. Life and its challenges took hold of him, pushing his back against the wall and the young talent was on the verge of quiting music!

But they say, a man is measured not by how many times he fall, but by how many times he rises up again to fight. And this is exactly what Ken Wallace is doing.

His 2020 debut single is only a slice of what is in store, for he has promised “Bloodline” will only be a promo & track number 10 off his unmamed upcoming album!

Check out the official artwork for “Blooline” which will be released on a surprise date NEXT WEEK

Officilal Artwork For Bloodline