Kanina Kandalama Confesses Crush on Jae Cash Amidst Relationship Rumors

Kanina Kandalama, the rising Zambian songstress, has sent social media abuzz after expressing her interest in fellow musician Jae Cash. During a recent appearance on the popular ZMB podcast hosted by Edna, Kanina was asked which industry celebrity she’d be interested in dating. Her answer? The enigmatic rapper Jae Cash. According to Kanina, Jae Cash possesses not only striking looks but also exudes confidence and maintains impeccable personal hygiene—qualities that caught her attention.

This candid admission comes amidst rumors circulating around Kanina’s relationship status. Last week, reports surfaced claiming that she parted ways with her long-term partner, who accused her of selflessness and abuse. These allegations have added another layer of intrigue to Kanina’s romantic life, leaving fans eagerly anticipating further developments.

For those interested in hearing more details regarding Kanina’s interview and her thoughts on Jae Cash, I encourage readers to view the latest episode of the ZMB Podcast available via their YouTube channel. Stay tuned for future updates as we continue to follow this developing story.