Kanina Kandalama Breaks Up With Long Time Boyfriend Sancool Beezo

Music producer Sancool Beezo recently announced his split from singer Kanina Kandalama after a five-year relationship, citing numerous challenges that ultimately proved insurmountable.

Beezo alleges he faced public insults, disrespect, and even accusations of dependency, despite reportedly sacrificing his own music career to support Kanina’s rise to fame. He claims to have endured public disputes and even lost personal possessions acquired during their partnership.

Beezo asserts that despite his significant contributions to building Kanina’s brand and securing lucrative deals, he received little appreciation for his efforts.

Expressing disappointment on social media, Beezo suggests that Kanina’s focus shifted towards fame and material wealth, ultimately leading to a breakdown in their relationship. He publicly distances himself from Kanina and assures his followers of his continued dedication to nurturing new talent and producing music videos.