Trending MC & Entertainment Promoter Jerahyo Explains Why Kopala Music Is Easily Taking Over The Zambian Industry

Music Promoter & Master of Ceremonies Jerahyo was recently invited to sit down with Zambian Music Blog’s Edna during the ZMBTalks interview. Jerahyo was made to talk about alot of his background into entertainment as well as various prospects and future plans of his career. Jerahyo has been the founder member of the famous comedy animation “Zakado” as well has the mastermind behind the most successful “Kopala Experience” show held at woodlands sadium last year.

During the exciting interview, Edna demanded to have an insight into Jerahyo’s interest in Music Management, as well as the MC’s relationship with the artists in the Zambian Music realm. And from his honesty point of view, Jerahyo is happy to say he is well acquainted with almost all the known entertainers and has has had a hand in shaping their careers respectively.

But seeing that Jerahyo is very close to the now trending Kopala artists, it was only right for Zambian Music Blog’s Edna to inquire why the Kopala Genre has evidently taken over the Zambian Music Industry, with every song released usually becoming so viral in a very short period of time.

“In Kopala there is unity. Its the only way to work things out! Do you hear all those shoutouts at the end of each song from Copperbelt? That’s how songs become viral because for each individual mentioned in one of those songs will surely call whoever they know to checkout the song in which they are mentioned in…” 

For the full interview, checkout the latest episode of the ZMBTalks below.