Jae Arh’s “Story Of A Bad Boy” To Drop On His Birthday.

Jae Arh is a badboy, there no question about that. Through his delivery and concepts from his previous Mixtape F.A.K.E, we could easily tell what the young blood is made of. 

It been almost two years since the release of F.A.K.E, and fans have been waiting in anticipation as to what next the super talented guy has to offer. However, the good news is Jae Arh is now ready to tell the story about himself in a latest Extended Play, BadBoy, which will be released next week right on his birthday.

In his previous Mixtape which was entirely engineered by Vue Smallz, we could easily distinguish his skillset from others. He proved he was not only special but different too. He clearly indicated that he is not a clout chaser, rather he prefers to run his own path, create trends for himself and let the rest follow him. In Humpty Dumpty, he disclosed that the story to his life has not been told yet and he promised to share it someday, and we believe this is the right time – Bad Boy.



The character to Jae Arh is vast, from being a rapper to a Radio Presenter (iWave Radio 90.1) he is also a loyal friend. He is signed under Vue Smallz’ Yeah Baby Music. This gives a wide range of concepts and ideas, plus a selection of features since YBM is an army of emerging artists; all of which can make a good cut into the EP.

The Bad Boy EP is absolutely going to be the sealing point for his talent, a way to prove that the first project was not fraud, but rather his hard fought aspiration that has taken time and effort to create. Since he draws his personal inspiration from American rappers such as J-Cole, Kendrick Lamar, Travis Scott, Not3s and J- Hus; his genre is straight forward a mixture of hardcore rap with R&B. 

Since his official tracklist is not publicised yet, we can only comfirm the date and number of tracks that will be contained in the EP, which is 8. Its only one week before the EP and our excitement will lead us to replaying his previous Mixtape we have shared below: