“Illuminati Has Offered Me A Contract” – Umusepela Chile

Barely a month after the release of his career most controversial song, Umusepela Chile seems to have found himself in deeper waters that only he can decide whether to swim along or drown himself.

In his previous song, Snake of Moses, the vigilant rapper points out everything wrong with the Zambian Music Industry and fans received it with mixed feelings. However one certain thing is that it gave him momentum and recognition for what followed are epic radio interviews, TV shows and a great breakthrough number of streams from his youtube channel. For once Umusepela Chile became FAMOUS 

Fame comes with a price and its what we are now witnessing from the young Private Label DeathRaw rapper. In what most people are claiming to be “scary” social media posts Chile is seemed to be claiming the Secret Society of Illuminati is extending their contract to him, a situation he claims he has only two choices: To join them or die.

But we can really never know. Because this could just be a creative stunt to draw even more attention to himself at the same time things might be getting real for Umusepela Chile and only time will be able to tell what this trully is. If you want to know more about his recent posts visit his Facebook Page Here

Do you really agree that the Illuminati is real and are after Chile? Tell us your thoughts by posting in the comment section at the end of this page.