How To Upload Music To BoomPlay For Free (And Get Paid)

Boomplay has in the days emmerged as the prefered streaming service for african music lovers, and as such upcoming artists are faced with a challenge on how to place their music where most listeners are likely to be found.

In this article, I will take you through a simple process by which any artist can have his/her music uploaded to Boomplay without spending a single dime. There are various service providers that helps artists to have their music posted to streaming services for free, however I will only walk you through a process which will post your music to Boomplay ONLY.

Follow through our guideline below.

Register A Free Account With Afrotunes

We will use a website called Afrotunes. Go to their website ( and register a free account. It only takes about 5 minutes to open an account. Make sure you provide a working Email Address, because this email is IMPORTANT in getting updates, and payments once your music starts to get alot of streams.

Create A New Release

Once your account is up and active, click on “New Release” on the top right corner. You will be presented with an information pop-up, telling you about the content that is not accepted. just click on OK and proceed. In this guide, we will use the single “Meeting Youdone by Mike WorldWide (the song is already released so we will just use it for demostration).

Fill in the Type of Release (single or album), Enter Name (e.g.Meeting You). Do not write something like Mike WorldWide Meeting You ft. abc on the name, as this will automatically add later on. On the Label, just select Afrotunes unless you are signed to a music label that is already registerd. Leave Stereo ID type, Stereo EAN Code, and release date just the way it is (unless you know what you are doing). Finally click on “Save & Next)

Uploading Your Artwork

Now its time to add your artwork for your music. One Important thing to remember when designing your artwork is to avoid adding too much imformation. Just add your name and the title of the song, and if it features other artists then you can add them too. Do not add producers information, or label logos because your release will be rejected. Also make sure your logo is a square of 1400px X 1400px atleast. You can read through the instructions on the logo upload page to guide you in order to avoid mistakes that will lead into your song being rejected.

Adding Your MP3 Audio

Adding your Mp3 audio is easy. just select the song you want to upload. Afrotunes is not very particular about the quality of the audio, but I will recommend you to convert your audio to 320KBPS in order to maintain the sound quality. They accept audio files as little as 1MB and as big as 1GB. Once your done click “Save & Next”.

Enter Artist Information

When it comes to entering the artists information, make sure you write the correct spellings as this will be the name which will appear on boomplay when people search for you. To guide you on how to do it, start by selecting the Genre of your music. Do not change the Title as it has already inserted the song title you provided at first.
Secondly, insert your name as Artist. If the song has features then you can add them on the features artist section. Make sure to press on the plus (+) when adding an artist for the first time.
Lastly and importantly go down to “participant” and enter your real name (eg. John Doe), select “composer” on roles and make sure u write “100” on payout. Unless there are more than one person involved in making the song and u want Afrotunes to devide the money then you can add according to what each one deserves. Once done click “Save and next”.

Finally, Release Your Music

If you followed all the steps correctly and provided the information accordingly, then u will see a “Review & Distribute” button on the next page. Pleas make sre you first press on “I agree that I have ownership and/or all rights required for distribution of this product.” before you can finally press on the Review & Distribute button. If all goes well you music will be on Boomplay in a period of about 10 days, this is because they will have to inspect your music before putting out to the public. You will recieve emails regarding updates for your release, and if there is something you need to do before they distribute it, then the email will guide you.

Other Ways To Upload Music To Streaming Services

Like I mentioned before, this method will only send your music to Boomplay for free, but if you wish for your music to be distributed to other places like Spotify, Apple Music, Facebook stories or TikTok, then I would recommend you pay a small fee to Afrotunes use other aggregators.

In this case, I would recommend you use Magroove ( which is also free.

If at all you need further help or guidance uploading music to streaming services & social media stories, then you can contanct us through whatsapp on +260 954 717 316 and we will assist you accordingly.

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