Graphic Designers Slam Drifta Trek’s Challenge: “No Free Artworks”

Graphic Designers have brutally attacked Drifta Trek over his Album art Challenge.

The Kopala Swag rapper is scheduled to release his second career album in the coming months and thus has decided to start hyping up his work. In an effort to involve local talent, Drifta Trek tried to copy what some famous Nigerian & South African Artists have done before-Invilving various Graphic Designers to help design various artworks and finally coming to pick the final & favourite one for the album

The bold move however did not sit well with most talented designers, who thought otherwise the post was disrespective and reduced their worth. They claimed they deserved to be paid for their work, and no one would be willing to give out freebies.

Others suggested Drifta Trek should instead perform for free and allow Graphic Designers to decide whether his performance would be worthy a free artwork. The more creative one decided to hit him back with funny mediocre designs to slam Drifta Trek.

Check out some of the replies he got below