Fly Jay Ditches L’awino & Relocates To Kopala To Join Team Super

Fly Jay has moved to Copperbelt, and is rumoured to be working with Y-Celeb Under TeamSuper

The young talented rapper has always been surrrounded by controversy. Many music lovers has suggested that despite the boy being gifted with the skill of rap, the best option for him is to get back to school, gain education and then come back to persue his rap career. 

Fly Jay on the other hand, has always been in and out of the streets. It had also come to light that his mentor (and Business Manager) L’awino was failing to keep control of the boy, hence receiving constant criticism from the general public. Other rumours even went further to suggest L’awino has been pocketing whatever little money that the young rapper has been generating through the shows he has had, a rumour which has raised eyebrows from time to time.

La'Wino & Fly Jay



In a recent development, a new video has been released by copperbelt’s dominant video production company Rite Media, in which the young rapper Fly Jay is seen to be interviewed about the reason he travelled to Copperbelt. In the same video, Fly Jay talks about about La’wino, how he was being underpaid under the Black Billionaire Record Label, resulting in the young talent to join Y-Celeb‘s TeamSuper and wishing to permanently move to the copperbelt since “King Deza” is promising to take him back to school as soon as possible. 

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