Florence Solochi’s Boyfriend Detained After Nightclub Gunfire Drama

Prominent socialite Florence Solochi’s partner, Peter Kambule, a customs clearing agent at Pyramid, Kenneth Kaunda International Airport, is currently in police custody following a tumultuous incident at a Lusaka nightclub. The altercation unfolded when Kambule reportedly fired gunshots upon seeing Malcolm Chiimbe engaging in conversation with Solochi at the Chicago Night Club in East Park Mall. According to Police spokesperson Rae Hamoonga, preliminary investigations indicate that the incident occurred around 03:04 hours on Saturday.

Chiimbe was unaware that Solochi was accompanied by her boyfriend, Kambule. Witnessing his girlfriend conversing with Chiimbe, Kambule became infuriated, brandished an unidentified firearm, and discharged two bullets into the air.

Chelston Police examined the crime scene and determined that one bullet traveled approximately 70 meters, striking the fifth floor of the 11-storey Wonderful Group of Companies building along Great East Road. Fortunately, the office hit was unoccupied, as the building is not yet fully operational. The projectile was recovered, and the damaged lace and curtains were seized as evidence.

Following a thorough investigation, 30-year-old Kambule, residing at an undisclosed house number in Salama Park, Lusaka, and employed as a customer clearing agent at Pyramid, Kenneth Kaunda International Airport, was found in possession of a Taurus pistol, caliber 9mm, black in color, with serial number TMU 92385. He has been apprehended and is currently in police custody.

Hamoonga mentioned that the firearm used in the incident has been successfully recovered, and charges are being prepared against Kambule for Unlawful Discharge of a Firearm and other related offenses. He will face court proceedings to answer for his actions. The Zambia Police Service reassures the public of its commitment to maintaining law and order, emphasizing that any acts of violence or threats to public safety will be dealt with swiftly and decisively.