Female Rapper Khlassiq Calls Her Baby Daddy “Petty” For Lack Of Child Support.

Female rapper Khlassiq disclosed shocking news a few day ago on radio.

The aspiring Mcee recieved a live call on radio from DJ Pressure T of Joy FM, who asked her a few questions about her life, how she is surving through the pandemic, a situation where music shows have been put on hold.

Khlassiq disclosed that regardless of her situation being tough, she has been brought up to be a survivor, who knows to find side hustles to support her lifestyle. She also disclosed that she moved to the copperbelt to welcome another “Queen” (supposedly her second daughter).

Being aware of the situation, DJ Pressure T PMC went further to ask about her relationship with renounned music producer, Ricore who happen to be the father offf her first child.

I have learned to be a baby momma who survives without the help of a baby daddy. He doesnt send child support and he is petty” was Khlassiq’s response. Ricore is yet to comment on this matter as of the time we wrote this post.

Checkout the full phone interview below