Emerging rapper Lord Bunty pays tribute to late brother with heartfelt EP

LORD Bunty, rising star whose real name is Beston Hamoya aged of 33, has released a touching extended play (EP) titled “AZNUJ-KING” junza spelled backwards dedicated to his beloved brother.

This soul-stirring masterpiece weaves a narrative of family, loss, and the profound influence of music, creating a musical tapestry that resonates deeply with listeners.

The EP’s namesake, Junza, played a pivotal role in Lord Bunty’s artistic journey, wholeheartedly believing in his talent and generously supporting his creative endeavors.

Tragically, Junza’s life was cut short, leaving Lord Bunty devastated. Their daily conversations and shared struggles had forged an unbreakable bond, intensifying the pain of his loss.

Reflecting on this loss, Lord Bunty shared, “Junza passed away suddenly during a depressing period in his life. His death shattered me and I failed to accept it… I felt like he had given up on life and me.”

Lord Bunty, the only child of one of Kabwe’s prominent business figures, Best Hamoya of Best Motors, was born in Kabwe, raised in Kitwe, but returned to Kabwe for his secondary education.

He revealed, “I was raised by my father’s sister, and that’s how Junza and I are related. We could be considered cousins, but his mother raised me from the age of three.”

Through each note and lyric in “Junza,” Lord Bunty evokes memories of a profound brotherly bond that transcended musical genres.

Junza had once made his mark in the rap scene as Aznujuala, inspiring Lord Bunty to follow in his footsteps.

Regarding the creative process behind the EP, Lord Bunty shared, “Creating this EP in honor of Junza was a deeply emotional journey. I created many personal songs, although not all of them made it onto the record. I may release some of them in my next project.”

With the EP now released, Lord Bunty is eager to continue making music and dropping singles.

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