Download “Vibanda” By Ben Mula (Produced By Clie-T C1 & DJ SP)

The lyrical Assasssin Ben Mula has released a brand new single cationed “Vibanda” produced by Clie-T C1 and DJ SP.
The single follows up to his previous masterpiece “Mukalale” which was a colaboration with trending rapper Dizmo. “Vibanda” which translates to “Ghosts” denotes abnomality in status at which Ben Mula’s rap creativity is slowly getting out of hands for other rappers to catch on. The “Great Kalu” of this Zambian hiphop is rapidly becoming a phenominal as he is succesfully inproving on his lyrical prowess and confortability.
If there is a time other rappers should be really scared of Ben Mula, it is now!

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