Dizmo To Honour Baby D (Young Dizmo) With A Verse In Title Track For His Debut Album

Apa Ili So Entertainments rapper Dizmo is geared up to unleashed his first career album by monthend of February. The Ghetto To Mayadi Album was announced earlier last year, with DJ Mzengaman being mentioned as the Executive Producer.

While the rapper has remained a bit lip-tied about the album tracklist and features, he has been dropping hints here and there, leaving fans anticipating what type of fire he would bring. However oe guaranteed appearance is none other than Baby Dizmo, the kid that paved way for the real Dizmo, sometime back when the child was filmed spitting hot bars believed to have been written by Dizmo himself.

In a recent video footage shared by Dizmo himself on his Youtube Channel, Kamufana Kandalama is seen with Young Dizmo at Ricore’s studio where the kid is inserting an eybrow raising verse in what seems to be the album title track.

Dizmo has then followed with numerous Social Media posts, showing gratitude to the young rapper, who paved the way to his own limelight. And having the kid in a song who caved the road to your fame is the utmost respect you can pay, especially that the two have a similar background, relatively similar path to success and are loved by HipHop fans in the country.

The Ghetto To Mayadi album will be available on the 28th of February, 2022 in all major streaming platforms.

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