Dizmo Talks His Music, KMP Contract,Upcoming Debut Album & Baby D!

Young, talented and successful as a rapper, Dizmo was invited for an interview over the weekend by Diamond TV’s Chimweka on the popular celebrity talkshow On The Table. Dizmo was asked to discuss his music journey from being made popular by the “Young Dizmo”, his creativity, being signed under a named record label as well as being the future of Zambian Music.

In The Beginning There Was Baby D, aka Dizmo!

Before the real Dizmo came to light, a very young kid broke the internet when he was recorded in the streets spitting bars that where very complicated and too mature for his age. The kid proclaimed to be Dizmo, but it was later discovered that the kid was rather someone else, who had mastered the rap verses by the real Dizmo, a local rapper in Misisi compound.
Fast forward, Baby Dizmo paved way for the real Dizmo we have now, a relentless rapper who has more than proved to the music fans that he is the real deal and has blessed us with more than good music from time to time. Jae Cash signed that rapper under Apa Ili So Entertainments, while Baby D was taken care of by “Uncle T“, and is safely in school doing his seventh grade in 2022.
It was a beautiful story as Chimweka brought up this topic, and Dizmo disclosing that he has always remained in contact with the young kid that shined a torch for his career. However he remained word shy about disclosing everything that he might be doing for that boy, which could also be a good thing keeping away your graciousness away from Social Media.

Dizmo's Contract With Kalandanya Promotions

Another major topic discussed during the talkshow was the issue of his contract with KMP. Earlier in 2021, it was announced that Dizmo was part of the giant music label, together with Jae Cash. However in his defense, Dizmo disclosed that despite that announcement, he was never offered a formal contract from the music label. He has now become the second artist to make this claim, after Drifta Trek also disclosed the same thing just a week ago. But Drifta’s case was a bit different as he agreed that regardless of not having a fromal contract signed, he still enjoy the financial support from KMP, something that Dizmo refuses.
Kamufana Ka Ndalama went on to say he was no longer part of Kalandanya Music Promotions “anymore” and is only affiliated to Jae Cash “Apa Ili So” Entertainments who have been sponsoring his music throughout.

From Ghetto To Mayadi Album & Being The Future

When asked about being the future of Zambian HipHop, and what it means for Dizmo, the young rapper was quick to show respect to older and other rappers that have been doing it earlier than him. He acknowledged that there has been rappers that have paved the way for Zambian Music, and he doesn’t see himself being compared to anyone, but rather he stressed that most artists now have abandoned real HipHop music for AfroPop which is currently the dominant music genre in the world right now.
Dizmo also announced thr release of his most anticipated debut music album, “From Ghetto To Mayadi” which will be available in February 2022 with DJ Mzengaman as the executive producer. Apart from that, he declined to comment on the tracklist or possible features, stating that he wants to keep it as a surprise for ecveryone.
For the full interview and other topics discussed you can watch the episode of On The Table below:

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