Dizmo Reacts To Ben Mula’s Latest Freestyle: “Another Dope Rapper”

Apa Ili So Signed Rapper Dizmo has reacted to Ben Mula’s latest freestyle “Mic Check”

The lyrical assassin recently released a warmup freestyle over a Vue Smallz produced HipHop Beat. Through his regular sound engineer Clie-T C1, Ben Mula managed to put together a breathtaking 1 Minute 40 seconds freestyle, and composing a showroom session video for it curtesy of The Streetshooter Zambia & Edge Motion

The freestyle has since been praised by various HipHop lovers, especially the growing number of Ben Mula’s fans. Even the outspoken music crytic Sanga Tembo gave a very positve reaction, certifying Ben Mula‘s relevence in the music realm. He even went further to predict Ben Mula to become the Zambian “Rick Ross” of rap!

Though its not very common among rappers to compliment each other, it seems “Mic Check” has gotten to Dizmo. In his recent Facebook Post, the Apa Ili So signed rapper complimented Ben Mula, acknowledging his potential to be another Mainstream Artist from “Misisi” compound.

Ben Mula & Dizmo have a similar background, after all both artists have been bled by Misisi compound, a pride which Ben Mula has been wearing in all his raps like an amour.

Though the two are not on the same level (yet), Dizmo seems so proud that another artist is coming up to represent the ghetto. Dizmo himself blew up to fame last year, after getting signed to the newly created Label by Jae Cash, Apa Ili So. Though he is still a youngster, he has managed to put out amazing projects with bigger artists. His latest video with Jae Cash & Jemax “Muletupepelako” received positive reviews. Checkout his post below:

Dizmo's Facebook Post