Derical Valentines – I Hate November

It was an accident, that intrigued the creative part of this youngster to put out a masterpiece such as this. In November 2018, Derical Valentines was involved in a Road Car accident that almost claimed his life. Even though it took away part of his physical capabilities, it also gave him back something so powerful that if mastered so well, can become the most influential in the decades to come – That is creativity.

I Hate November is the debut mixtape from Derical Valentines, but it is so sorrounded by clever metaphors that address the Nature of Love, religion and Politics. With songs such as “Just Pray” and “Rango” one can only imagine what the future holds for this talented young rapper. The executive producer is Kanji Dollar.

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  1. Why (Intro)

2. I Hate November

3. Too Much

4. Pressure

5. Not Now (Feat. Future K)

6. Muleikalafye (Feat. Rapper Holic)

7. It Feels So Nice (Feat. Jae Cash & Vkae)

8. Just Pray

9. Young Forever (Feat. Chloe)

10. Never Forget You (Feat. Kanji Dollar & Nickran)

11. Love Me Like I am Dead

12. Crush On You (Feat Stevo Rap Guru)

13. I Rep North Western

14. Fire In The Rain

15. Rango (Feat. Khalifa OJ)

16. Broken But Redeemed

17. Ngolefwaya Meka (Feat. malsachi & Rayve)

18. Ndalama (Feat. Malsachi & Timmy)

19. I Love What I Do (Outro)