Crew Gee Leaves No Stones Unturned In His Latest “Rap Coup 3” | Download

Inthe game of rap music, you will have to constantly remind everyone who you are in order to stay atop!

Gifted rapper Crew Gee just made his comeback to the HipHop world with his third installation of Rap Coup. He has made sure to leave no stones unturned in his musical journey. He has made sure to through enough shade at those he feels deserves, as well as enough praise for the parties he respects.

He kicks off his verse with versitile warnings towards the now crowded music industry, where everyone could just wake up and claim they are rappers even though most of them drown in the sea because they are either not strong enough to swim or their skills are garbage. The team Hardrocks rapper also has a word for everyone who might think they may have an opinion about rap, especially fellow rappers who insists they can be able to change “the culture” of this ancient music. He believes in music everyone just use one another to gain their own interests. He also shuns fans who just follow where there is clout.

Though past, Crew Gee could re-ignite the comotion once caused by  Drifta Trek following his lyrics in Shots released last year in which the Kopala Swag signee had a very short list of Bemba rappers he believed to be the best guys. Crew Gee also, has trashed any comparisons that people had recently started to make about him and Muzo aka Alphonso.

With nobody safe from Crew Gee’s wrath, a few exceptional names have recieved their fair share of respect, especially with the help each might have rendered support to his career. One remarkable mention is Rich Bizzy who have worked & promoted the young rapper since along time.


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