CP The Rapking Explodes At Genessiah For Dissing Him In The “Zone Cypher”

Music cyphers are an amazing thing from the listeners perspective, however when it comes to the artists participating there in, its all a different story story because it turns out to be an indirect competiton. While creativity is not only enough, punchline delivery and self confidence plays a major role to excuting the best verse.

During this COVID-19 quarantine period we have seen (yet to see) alot of music cyphers released on the Zambian music platforms, to keep fans entertained and updated to their celebrities as well as aspiring next big stars.

One of those cyphers released is the Big Money Life Hype Up Cypher, in which most of the Yeah Baby Music affiliated rappers delivered some of their best ever verses thus far. Regardless, one of the names that stood out was no other than CP The Rapking, who came in third just after Mobista & Genessiah.




In the latest news, CP The Rapking has released a song which seems to take jab at a particular artist who might have crossed CP The Rapking‘s line hence starting fire which might be quenched easily.

When we reached out to CP The Rapking this morning, it has been established that the mysterious artist is no other than Genessiah (and the entire Fire Nation Music crew) whom CP The Rapking has allegedly accused of tricking him into submiting a verse which they would later use in a Cypher they recently released, that he did not approve of. Furthermore, CP believes Genessiah used the opportunity to hit back at CP The Rapking by taking the spot immediately after the “Big Vision Mixtape” creator in order to prove that he is the better rapper. This forced CP to release a warning song dubbed “Caution

Screenshot of CP The Rapking's Post

The origin of their misunderstanding is quite uncertain, but this could be regarded to both rappers having a similar style, and each claiming the other stole from them. Genessiah took also to accuse CP The Rapking of dissing him in the BML Hype Up Cypher, even though he did not directly mention CP The Rapking by then.

This whole going back and fourth came to light after CP The Rapking opened up this morning when we contacted him, revealing some of the Voice Notes sent over whatsapp regarding the conspirancy.

Both rappers are connected to Yeah Baby Music producer, Vue Smallz and we believe they could just sit down and get over with their back and fourth rumble….

Screenshot of Genessiah's FB Post