CP The Rapking – Situation (Feat. Coziem)

CP The Rapking has teamed up with Kopala Swag favourite artist Coziem in “Situation” produced by Vue Smallz.

The song taps into an interesting part of any native relationship between a guy who is in love and a lady who sends out mixed signals, forcing the man to have uncertain conclusion and distorted emotions. In as much you could love someone so much, a time comes when you have to finally give up and move on. The heart will break but in time it finally heals.

CP The Rapking seems to be extending his creative dominancy and claim his spot among the elite rap personalities through his consistence and beautiful wordplay through his verses. He has been on the rise, proving he could get better each and everytime he drops a new project. His selection to work with Coziem on this specific song has worked out to be a perfect match as the singer has managed to create that emotional connection between the rhytm, and moral of the song. Vue Smallz as well does his justice and deserves an applause for the the soft & sentimental beat matching the song.

Check out “Situation” below


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