Chef 187 & Yolanda’s Wedding In Pictures

The People’s favourite rapper Chef 187 has finally tied the knot with his longtime girlfriend Yolanda.

The wedding took place on the 18th Of July, 2020 a remarkable date which matches the Kondwani Kaira’s stage name 187. Bishop Eddie Mulenga blessed their Marriage at Liberty Christian Centre, a private event which was attended to by Family Members & close friends only.

Chef 187’s marriage comes in about four years later, after his elder brother Macky II tied the note with Haantinga. Both the Kaira brothers have shown principality & set a very good example of how public figures should be, by defying the odds of “Playboy” and settling down in a very respectable manner by way of marriage.

Despite being popular, Chef 187 has been loyal to his longtime & only known girlfriend Yolanda; whom it is assumed they have dated for over six years. 

Yolanda has been a victim to Social Media trolls and critics, who have consistently attacked her, suggesting how she had not been the best selection of a partner for Kondwani. Regardless of all this, both Chef & Yolanda have been so ignoring, keeping their love & relationship private.

Now that they are happily married, nothing can ever break their bond of love. Congratulations!!!

Check out the best photos of their wedding from the slideshow below: