Chef 187 To Feature Sarkodie In A Song Is Now A Posiblity – Shawn Kaystar

As Zambian music in particular HipHop is working hard to break international barriers, cross country colaborations play vital role in winning foreign fans for any given artist. As anybody would give a nod, Chef 187 has grown to be one of the best rap artists in the country and alot of his fans yearn for him to work with other HipHop giants across the African continent and beyond.

In October, 2020, Chef 187’s manager Lukundo Siwale alias Superman featured on an episode of ZMB Talks and releaved a possible Chef 187 and Sarkodie collaboration. The idea seemed to have died slowly, with little or no effort seen being made towards making the idea coming to fruition.

Fast forward to 2022, Shawn Kaystar, who also has been instrumental in growing the Chef 187 brand and is affiliated to Sarkodie as an official agent, posted on his official Facebook page that he’s going to ensure the aforementioned collaboration comes to fruition.
Checkout what he posted below:

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