Chef 187 Puts K.R.Y.T.I.C In His Place After Social Media Jab Trades

Chef 187 is best known for putting is not only known for his crazy bars and metaphors but also putting internet trolls in their place.
Last week, he iterally ripped a Jemax fan apart after the said suggested the “Numero Uno” is afraid of Jemude. In his response, Chef suggested the only thing he is afraid of is the negativity & bitterness of such fans who always looking for ways to ignite fued among fans, hence standing in the way of progress.

However, this week Chef faced a different kind of challenge. Rapper KRYTIC who has recently made headlines for pausing naked in the wilderness took jab at Chef 187 on twitter by suggesting the people’s favourite rapper has survived all along using a single trick. We do not really know what trick KRYTIC meant, we all anticipated it would not sit well with Macky 2’s younger sibbling.

Though KRYTIC later on apologised for his statement, Chef 187 did not let the jab go alone as he replied with his own personal statement, claiming the “Vision” album maker has blocked him on Social Media Yet finds time to talk about him publicly. Chef is currently enjoying the attention being drawn from his current deluxe album for “Bon Appetit” which was released last month under his newly record label Nexus Music.
Checkout Chef 187‘s reply below:

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