Chef 187 Dismisses Rumours That He Would Sue Chuzhe Int. For Copyright Infridgement

Celebrated rapper Chef 187 has scrapped off rumours about his intentions to sue Chuzhe Int. for copyright infrigement.

A few days ago, Chuzhe Int was noted dancing to Chef’s song “Coordinate” as his entrace during his performance at ZNBC’s Y-Zone. Chef 187 would then take to twitter to share a clip of the same video with the Caption

“Thank you Mr @ChuzheInt

our legal team from Lj Micheals will be seeing you soon. Comply when they get in touch, they just want to ask you a few questions.”

The tweet raised eyebrows and speculations across entertainment blogs who quickly reported that the Numero Uno could be taking things seriously about getting Chuzhe Int a lawsuit. This is because Chef 187 normally takes his very seriously often bringing anything he posts across his Social Media Platforms to fruition.

The performance of the song by Chuzhe Int. however came unintentionally because he only had to dance to the song while Y-Zone seemingly delayed to change the background song, which happened to be Chef’s Coordinate. 



Music fans took to Numero Uno’s Facebook Page to ask him about the rumours after he shared a link to Chuzhe’s latest Music “Kubwaiche” which features trending duo Chanda Na Kay.

Its during his replies to various comments that Chef 187 burried the rumours clearly stating that Chuzhe Int. his like his own young brother, and the rumours are nothing but rumours based on misinterpretations. 

Check out his Facebook Post below and read along various comments: