Chef 187 Clarifies On Allegations That He Has Endorsed Politics

Kopala Swag rapper Chef 187 is one of the most loved artists in Zambia. Having earned himself a huge fanbase, it is most likely the people that “hate” him are that much as well. However, being a huge star does not seem to make the great artist forget where he came from, thats why from time to time he secretly gives back to the community wherever he can.

His recent charity work seemed to have stirred some suspicion, Chef 187 was invited to perform for Bowman Lusambo as the Minister was giving out a vehicle for conveying the coffin at a funeral to Lubuto Clinic which happens to be his constitution. This action did not go unnoticed and it angered his fans especially that Chef 187 has always vowed not to be part of any political affiliation. They displayed their dissatisfaction and demanded an explanation for it.

Here was his answer…

NEW PF CAMPAIGN artist?? Let’s address this. I have always tried to keep away from politics you ll rarely hear me speak on it or say anything that might be seen as political. Why? Because politics divide people. As an artist you have to be that unbiased voice for society.

The Numero Uno went on to say Lubuto was his hometown from 2012 to 2015, therefore he feels he owe the people there something and all he was doing was giving the people back as an artist, through music. He later emphasized that as an artist, it is wise to remain neutral in politics so that he can e giving people a fair point of view in terms of advice. Chef 187 is the second artist to come out in the open and state that he stands with the people, after Bobby East.

The peoples champion then opened a Live Video session on his Facebook Page to address the matter.

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