Chanda Mbao Warns Bloggers Against Illegal MP3 Sharing

Rapper Chanda Mbao recently released his fantastic single “Okay” which he put out for streaming and sale on The classic single was received with warm hands from fans and radio DJs but it seems it left a huge concern for the hit maker on how the record was handled by various online music promoters and bloggers.

He believes MP3 versions of the song where created and shared across the blogs and social media against his will, so the rapper had this to say on his Official Facebook Page

The rapper believes there is so much effort and investment put into music in order to achieve the goal of putting out a quality song, therfore artists decisions to distribute music in the way that they think is best for their business should be respect and we should all fight piracy at all costs.

Chanda Mbao has been known for targetting the international market with his music through colaborations and international music distribution comapanies such as spotify or amazon.

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