Bobby East Announces “Rob-Art” as His Final Album

Zambian rapper Bobby East recently took to social media to announce that his upcoming album, “Rob-Art,” will mark the culmination of his music career. With a career spanning over a decade in the Zambian entertainment industry, Bobby East is set to release his third studio album on March 22, 2024.

In a heartfelt Facebook post, Bobby East expressed his gratitude to his fans and clarified that this decision is not a mere marketing ploy. He stated, “I respect you guys too much for this to be a marketing stunt. Rob-Art will be my last album. I have done music since I was a teenager and my cup is empty.”

While this announcement may come as a surprise to many, Bobby East reassured his supporters that he will continue to engage with music through occasional features and singles post the album release. He emphasized that “Rob-Art” is a special project dedicated to his loyal fans who have been with him since the beginning of his musical journey.

This declaration adds an emotional layer to the anticipation surrounding Bobby East’s final body of work, making “Rob-Art” not just an album but a significant milestone in the artist’s career. Fans can expect a poignant and reflective collection of songs that encapsulate Bobby East’s artistic evolution and gratitude towards his dedicated fan base.