Ben Mula Biography

"Ben Mula's Music is centered on hustle, hardwork and motivation for the common people. He creates it to inspire the less priveledged in communities."

Who Is Ben Mula?

Just when the weather was starting to heat up in the Savannah region, a new star was born. It was the second day of September when Bernard kampamba Kaoma was introduced to this world. A bouncing second born baby boy who would later turn out to be the hero of a family. 

Unfortunately, Ben lost his dad when he was only at the age on one, a calamity that would turn his life forever. Like any other person would explain it, being raised by a single parent is not an easy challenge. This saw Ben drop failing to complete his education, rather jumping into street hustling in order to sustain his livelihood.

Inspiration, Making Music, And Future Plans

At a young age, Ben was listening to alot Kanye West Music. The coming of Alubusu on the scene doubled that urge for him to be a musician. And just in a good time when HipHop music was getting recognised, Ben Mula gathered his confidence to create his first ever recorded music via his old friend Clie-T right in Misisi compound; a place he holds a special place in his heart. This was in 2010.

However, a few years passed, music breakthrough was still at par, by Ben Mula had a big heart. He released street touching songs like Hola Up, Distance & Chimoni. But through the streets Ben Mula managed to get connected to Artists & producer Kenzville Marley who was later featured in “Troubles” a record that appears in his debut album “BUPE EP” which is a dedication to his only son. He later did a “SoBrooklynChallenge”,  calling out his version “So Misisi” which will later catch the attention of Radio personality & Music Analyst “Sanga Tembo”

It was this hype that led him to releasing “Sebenza“, a highly accredited record shortly after working on the “Lethal” video with Tonny “The Street Shooter” Ward. In may 2020, he released his latest offering, “Lyrical Exercise” in which he features Gabby Geez.

One particular & notable aspect about Ben Mula is despite gaining all this musical momentum over the years, he still works with his childhood friend Clie-T. They say “Loyalty is Royalty