B-Flow Puts Rapper Nez Long In His Place Amid Twitter Altercation

XYZ Entertainment & Blackout Media rapper Nez Long‘s birthday celebrations what turned to sour after a serious twitter confrontation against Youth Activist & musician Brian Bwembya populary known as B-Flow.

The altercation started after Nez Long, wrongfully replied to B-Flows series of tweets against the government policies & what he believed to be manipulation of power. Nez Long cited that B Flow should learn to respect other artists, as much as he wants to “stand with the people” against the government and further accused him of clout chasing.

This prompted a reply from B Flow, dismissing Nez Long‘s accusations and probably putting him in the right picture. B Flow has been known to criticise the government from time to time, providing checks & balances and plainly standing on the people’s side in every situation.

There has been a huge fan backlash for most of the artists signed under Kalandanya Music Promotion, who have recntly released various Political affiliated songs. Rumours have been circulating that the said artists have been given huge sums of money to hype the Patriotic Front (PF) party.

A few weeks ago, singer Yo Maps, who had also done a campaign song saw his Youtube Channel taken over by unknown hackers before having it restored earlier this week.