Desolation and isolation resides at the same institution;

An institution of isolation is as a result of Desolation

Desolation ponders why isolation eschews their institution's Constitution

Moreover, Isolation guarantees desolation a fervent solution!

Now is the increase of paradox argumentation,

The institution, sick of contemplation, ponders a certain realization.

A realization swiftly replacing a certain older generation!

Isolation, desolation, an institution, what a triple argumentation!!!!!!!

Who is my brother????

Is it the son of my father or mother?

That bone of contention will hardly cease from finding me to bother!!!

What is a brother if he loves me?

He's a beast before me,

Is being a good egg at an institution a puzzle that is rather?

Bad Ben, being Brother Billy's best buddy was a catastrophe.

A heartless man, sowing the happiness that is enough and never rough,

Paying less and receiving more

All in the name of being powerful!

He's a wet blanket I know,

Hardly perceiving that I am never safe

Fervently falling to wreak anything just to await my downfall

He kept my meritorious Degree Certificate safely,

Only to be eaten by a malicious morph!!!

Then I am a protagonist being enjoyed while I craw

My suffering is as a bone masticated nicely and insanely

My being ridiculed then should be a colourful birthday party to myself.

Venerating him is every day in my prayer,

He eschews me just like that, but I hardly portray

Being a self-made malefactor, everyone should laugh.

An early bird catches the worm, but I don't care.

It is even good that I can't overemphasize begging his change whence I find space to pray.

I am a rabbit caught up in their snare,

I know, only me they can't spare,

But why fearest they a fear that fears their exist ere????

Maybe forbidding your boss to cough,

Especially that his success resides in the sayings we say.

If my brother is knee,

It is meet for me to open up my heart and humble myself :

Humility is a master key!!!

If my brother was that evil tree,

Then let me be free.

I can just perceive his ruination and become a dwarf,

A dwarf with a carefree soul in heaven,

Angel Gabriel, Michael the arch Angel and others singing and amen!!!!!!

Then is a great pain of lamentation but not of my brother,

A sin conceiver

A vain achiever

Admitting to be an intruder!

Now are the days of anguish to my brother,

I knew not why they chose to be a careless preacher,

He's a creature, loving to slumber.

But foreseeing God's elect in a great number,

Now, is he my brother????

If my brother is a sinless believer,

Then it's no use, going further.

Therefore, who is my brother!!!!

My brother then should be a sinless believer

And a sinless conceiver!!!!