Nibro – Rebellious Mixtape

by Sylvester
Rebellious Mixtape

Nibro has unveiled his first ever career music compilation and all production credit goes to Vue Smallz. The Yeah Baby Music affiliated rap ace showcases his skill, creating way for a brighter future.

The Rebelious Mixtape is nothing but resentment, hustle and commanding respect. You cant tell the Paper Chaser what to do!!!!!



1.Nibro – Rebellious ( Prod Vue Smallz )

2.Nibro ft King B – Ride With Me ( Prod Vue Smallz )

3.Nibro – Kamucheka ( Prod Vue Smallz )

4.Nibro ft JayD – Secret Love Affair ( Prod Vue Smallz )

5.Nibro ft Maku G x Tremaya – No Cash No Work ( Prod Vue Smallz )

6.Nibro – Toll Gate ( Prod Vue Smallz )

7.Nibro ft Maku G – Pipe Down ( Prod Vue Smallz )

8.Nibro ft Jae Izzy – Why Umanichita So

9.Nibro ft Young Teddy – Kumwesu ( Prod Vue Smallz )

10.Nibro – Boasting Yapantinti ( Prod Vue Smallz )


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