Fans Pick Their Favourite Music Producer Between D Jonz & Kademo

Hone FM Radio Presenter DJ Tola yesterday set fire to his Social Media Page when he let the fans chose whom they think is the better producer between D Jonz & Kademo.  The poll which did not mean to disregard any of the two Music Producers, was only set in the quest to appreciate both of them while allowing fans to pick their personal favourite.

As the comments came in, it was notably impressing as to how huge a following both Producers have, and from the number of choices recorded, it was dificault for anyone to pick a fan favourite, as both Producers enjoyed a huge amount votes, just as others thought both deserves the juice.

Check out DJ Tola’s post below: 



Musically, its very unfair to compare the two Producers, both are very talented and skillful but VERY DIFFERENT. D Jonz is known for creating jaw-dropping HipHop sounds,such as trap, that are inspired from the western region such as the USA, and UK. He has produced massive bangers other than for himself; King Illest, Alpha RomeoRuff Kid, Bombshell and many other Mainstream HipHop giants in Zambia.

Onthe other hand Kademo is the mastermind to most of the rythmic Afro Dance tunes, Kopala blend rap and pop music. Though he has a handful hiphop songs to his name, his production is much connected to the likes of Y-Celeb, Trina South, May C,Bow Chase and more. He too has quite a number of hit songs.

All in all it was a great idea by the Hone FM DJ to engage fans and just remind them that we have amazing talent in Zambia.