2018 is a great year for Zambian Music so far. With Big names in the industry making great shows and great music, it is definetely clear that we are moving on to another level as an industry…

However, it has owez felt like there has been something missing in the game that will re activate sanity and competition. Our Old timer rappers are just as the name suggests, Old!!

This has forced the Team Syre Network to unleash the un heard of super musicians to work on a debut Hit track that will surely set the game up on fire and raise the standard of Zambian Hip Hop.


SIDES was scheduled to be released at the very bigining on Winter, that is: end of May. But due to setbacks as a result of location and time for the artists that are supposedly going to appear in this track, it has been agreed that the song will be released towards the end of June.


It is important to notice that there is one special artist that will make a debut in the industry during this project. His name is Tash and below we find out everything you need to Know.


Tash existence in the music industry can be traced back to as early as 2008, in the small town of Chibuluma near kalulushi.

It was in the Times of the HEY music crew that he started his music career and achieved quiet a number of feats that where never published.

The HEY haulted their music campaign to concetrate on school, work and other responsibilites which led to its members going mute.


Ken Wallace is a super singer and Hit Chorus maker. Since his first promo under team syre, “Way Up” which featured another Hit maker Tunah, Ken has been putting in much more effort to make extra quality music that Takes over the RnB vibe without effort. He is currently working on his Debut Album ” No Extra love”


Aka Don Clez is also a member of the infamous HEY crew. Since his comeback in 2017, he has made a number of appearances on the Microphone With Songs like “I Promise”, ” Respect Yapa Chalo” and “Kubomfya Ichilipo”.

Clez is a street hustle based rapper who doesnt waste his time bragging about his archievements, but rather in most of his raps would encourage everyone to work extra harder for a better tomorrow. I guesss its one super quality about this amazing dude.


Our Core responsibilty in 2017 was to make sure Tunah’s project went through. His consistence and unique delivery of his message to the people through WINQ and other songs he recoreded under Team Syre has so far been above average. thats why we believe he is destined to rule over the rap game in months to come.

With a combination of such amazing Talents, we intend to produce a record that will not have an impact on the music as an industry, but also will have a major influence on society in regards to choices and opinions that the people make in regards to chosing which side they should take in a particular situation. Stay tuned as we finalise the production of this masterpiece

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