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The “Winners Never Quit” Mixtape by Tunah is an outstanding masterpiece that can only be appreciated by people from the streets and the Ghetto. He touches many aspects of life from religion to politics, but most of all, he preaches about the spirit of Never giving up.

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01. Intro (Produced by Rich Kay)

Tunah Talks about hard times he faced in 2017. From His moms illness to being underrated. Furthermore He talks about the active role that TEAMSYRE played in building his career!

02. Kabulonga Kanyama (Featuring Tonny Ward)

The Pizya Produced song is a Hustla inspired motto that connects the ghetto to the real world. The Use of two different places “Kabulonga”  and “kanyama” indicates that you can still achieve your dreams despite location or background or what you do. Just stay grinding.

03. Mama On My Payroll (Featuring Tonny Ward)

Putting your own mom on a payroll is a dream come true for everyone. In this scenario, Tunah wants us to understand that every hustle move he makes is dedicated to his loving mother.

04. Mahule Yanga (Dirty Version)

The controversial song has Tunah talking about trust and Honest issues regarding his male friends. He opts to stay true to the female side who are more loyal and believes in his dreams.

05. No Days Off (Featuring Andre The Producer)

Maintaining his theme of hard work, Tunah teams up with Andre on a DJ MnzegaMan engineered production. The beat was made by Andre the Producer.

06. Never Back Down (Featuring Cleo GZ)

Listen to the struggle and challenges that people face in their daily lives, and how you can overcome them. For further song description see THIS POST.

07. Yesu Aliko (Featuring Pizya)

Tunah is advising everyone that the only way you can have peace on this earth is by believing that GOD or His Son Jesus Christ exists

08. For The City Remix

This song features alot of artists that represent their City of LSK. But one special mention is Clez, whose verse represents Lusaka, Copperbelt, and Solwezi!!!!