Wezi – Leiloi (Buy Official Album)

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There is no other artist like Wezi, that we have to be honest. She is like a combination of US Beyonce and Zambian Legend Maureen Lilanda. And now her album is finally out and we can comfirm it is pampered with twelve 5 star songs and has great features.

During her launch of rhe Leloi Album at Mulungushi Conference Centre, she shared a Heart touching moment with her fans and we believe everyone who doubted her should have second thoughts about it. And according to ZedHypeMag, Wezi had this to say about the meaning of the word:

It’s an expression I coined, the name I gave a PRAYER I have for humanity. Not in any language known to me, it came to me with the melody as I was composing the song


Her album can be accessed world wide through major streaming services but can be purchased locally through Mvensesani.com. Click below to buy


01 Konse Kwauluta
02 Mwana Wanga
03 African King
04 Avec Tout ft Mumba Yachi
05 Nekuka Kale
06 Leiloe
07 Black & Beautiful ft Ludo
08 Kulabila
09 Dzoka Kumba ft Blessing Bled
10 Madazi
11 Lead With Love ft Ras Kinky
12 Mountains