VKae – Ndine Mfumu (Part II) (Prod. NeEzy Beatz)
Vkae - Ndinde Mfumu (Part II)

VKae – Ndine Mfumu (Part II) (Prod. NeEzy Beatz)

This is the most perfect single verse of 2018 in Zed! Vkae, Boss at Dream Big Team (Tunah’s Crew) Jumps on to the second installment of Ndine Mfumu, an extended series of NeEzy Beatz Production Hip Hop Verses. Ndine Mfumu Part One Features Andray, and you can download it FROM HERE

Vkae’s hard bar verse is a serious warning that things are about to change real quick in the Zambian Music Circle, Old rappers pull up your socks!

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