True Love is hard to find is a book by Brian Mwansa. He tells a story of a bold young man who fell in love, did everything for love, but in the end; “Hurt” was knocking at his door!

Word From The Author

There is a conviction, one that leads to a confession. Paul, the apostle’s confession and conversion was based on conviction.

However, love is an addiction. The way it sometimes gets to have an opposite reaction leaves innocent souls in an open and boring plantation. Love addiction in this case is so despondence. It needs correspondence. At times you feel you can still stick steadfastly to the truth and real you, but your addiction will always steal your attention.

You can be an Angel of love, but you still need love, to survive. And your being a god in loving doesn’t guarantee you to be an ever loving Angel. “You can’t always get what you wanted.” Jesus died for the people he always wished to die for. He did, didn’t he? In fact randomly and freely, yet was he never wanted.

I see you stress because you are in a mess and your efforts for someone you loved are tied in a silver case. Yea! It’s not everyone you can impress.

Sometimes, to love is to sacrifice. When you get what you always wanted to have, it will suffice. And sometimes, to love someone truly and wholeheartedly is better than to sacrifice.


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