Love is a feeling that we experience atleast once in a life time, its something we fail to explain but something we enjoy. 

Like any other hard thing its comes with difficulties and challenges but we aim to face them because we know that what we feel deep down is stronger than our fears and failures. 

 Here are some of the tips to look out if we want to experience true and real love.



money plays an important role in our daily lives, we can’t survive without it but it shouldn’t be regarded as a number one aspect in a relationship because with or without money love should be able to stand between two people who choose to be together, its always important to understand the ups and downs of life but if we just tend to give in to the needs of our selfish desires we can never go anywhere because eventually difficult will catch up to us someday

Love takes over feelings, but money pays bills. Do not be fooled to believe that Money wont play any effective role in the relationship. Without adequate funds you will not be able to take care of your partners material stuff like gadgets, airtime and food when you hang out. More especially ladies are particular about money because they tend to be sure the man they are dating can be able to provide, in case you are to start your own home.


Beauty is part of life we always feel good looking at the wonderful creation of God because they represend beauty.

Love is one of the beautiful gifts that God gave to man, its a pity main of us confuse love and beauty.


“Beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder” is a statement that most of us are fond of but mainly don’t seem to understand it fully in that we engage ourselves in relationships only for people to praise us because of the looks of our partners rather than the beautiful love that exist in our relationship.

In this modern generation beauty has become the centre of main relationships, how one looks on the outside other than the inside.

It makes no sense to be in a relationship where you are always scared of being dumped by your partner, my mentor always tells me that 75% of todays relationships are based on beauty and not love and this has made REAL LOVE to be hard to find.



(i) He/She is the most handsome/beautiful being there is.

(ii) His/Her voice is gorgeous.

(iii) His/Her smile and eyes drives you crazy.

(iv) Everybody admires him/her.

Its important to have the reason above about your partner but it shouldn’t be your main reason why you are with him/her.





Forgiveness is the act of pardoning someone over what he/she did to you which you considered bad or hurting. In simple terms it is the ‘I’m sorry’ scenario, but in reality it is big and demanding sacrifice from both parties.

Its always important to say sorry for somebody we wronged in life whether a spouse, friend, colleague, relative or just anybody but in this case we are looking at the relationship type of “sorry”.

First and foremost its important to realise and identify your mistakes hence making it easy for you to apologise, when you know that you’re wrong just accept that you’re guilty and sorry for doing or acting the way you did and this should be done in a peaceful manner were you don’t raise suspicions



When two parties argue usually they both go on rampage where they might even say anything to each other. This is why it is so important to know where the problem is coming from:  is it from you or your partner?  If its you, you better play yourself the guilt part and apologise, maybe not right there but apologise.  Now if its your partner who is wrong the best you can do as a caring and loving partner is to keep quiet and if possible leave your partner for a while to calm down then choose the best time and raise that topic which pissed your partner off. But you should also know how to raise it, for you might recreate everything all over again, the best timing is when you two are having a good time together



When one is sorry for his/her wrong doings they don’t just say it but rather they even show it in their actions, there are guide lines in apology.

Don’t accept somebody’s apology just because that person is asking for forgiveness. Forgive because you want to remain happy and free from the burden.

  • Don’t say sorry for fun. Once your partner learns of this, you may never get any second chance.
  • Don’t ask for forgiveness because you want that person to forget about what happened so easily.
  • Say sorry because its important for your relationship and your future.

The list is endless that we can go on and on in life one should also know that by apologising you don’t lose anything but actually you gain something which is trust and honest upon your relationship in that the next time your partner does something wrong to you they will have to think twice about how much you care about your relationship hence they will apologise, this brings peace and unity to our human life.

They say prevention is better than cure,  so its important to detect danger before it becomes a problem.