Top Six (6) Reasons Upcoming Artists Don’t Make It In Zambia

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With the increased number of “musicians” in the industry, its becoming more and more impossible for someone to breakthrough to the limelight. Its a belief that most upcoming musicians are just underrated and stepped on by bigger artists… most of them claim their ideas have been stolen and used by an already successful artist! Well, when all this could be true, lets look at some of the genuine reasons why most upcoming artists’ talents die even before they are born.

I will concertrate mostly on the Zambian culture and build up, because this where most of my experience lies.

Top Six Reasons Upcoming Artists Fail In Zambia


Lets not deny it, everyone loves to get free access to EVERYTHING. But as an artist, basing your career on getting favours wont take you anywhere. I have observed that most Artists would prefer to get free beats, free recording sessions, as well as free music distribution! Well, it might not be a bad thing to get help to advance your career, but building your music journey on a free foundation will also mean you will get nothing at the end of the day. Music is business like any other, which needs a Capital Investment. Remember, the more money you put in, the much better quality you get in terms of Music Mastering, Video Shoot and Distribution. A good example is “Chanda Mbao” who came into the music scene with a business mind. 


This is also a big issue that most artists don’t see that it affects them negatively. Most artists feel confortable with what they are doing as long as their friends tell them its “lit”, “dope”, “Fire”, etc. Listen up: No matter how boring your stuff is, a loyal friend will not criticise you. They will say its fine. Learn to look for professional advise and reviews before you put out your project to the public. Reach out to Radio/Club DJ’s and specifically request for REVIEWS. Different people will give you a different feedback, and that’s what you should use to make improvements on.


Its pretty easier to make music which is trending and get a short term recognition. However, its more beneficial to create music of your own and let other people follow what you have started. The idea of making exactly the same music that other big artists are making will only label you as a fake and kill you in the shadows. No matter how odd your skills seems right now, just work hard to polish it up and one day people are going to recognise your uniqueness and give you the juice. An example of a unique style that blew peoples mind is the “408 Empire” and their own kind of Hip Hop.


Most of the upcoming artists deceive themselves by believing they are already superstars and start demanding for “respect” from everyone around them. I know its important for any artist to have a certain way of behaviour as it is expected of them, but being humble and eager to learn from the people who are already doing what you want to do is the easiest way to go about it. By learning how to handle fans, taking time to perfect your career and knowing exactly what you want in life will reach you mountains.


Whether you like it or not, You will never reach the top of the world on your own. If you cant afford a professional team to assist you, make sure you involve some friends who have the same interest as you. Remember, do not involve just anybody because you are great friends, some of those clue members will just be dormant and a burden to your career. Don’t mix friendship with business.


Facebook fans, Twitter Followers, Whatsapp friends wont make you a successful musician. Most of you upcoming artists thinks sharing your music links and getting alot of “likes” will be the break through of your career. Remember Izreal, K’Millian, Ty 2 and Danny made a great revolution in Zambian music without any of these social media channels. Build real relationship with fans both on social media and outside social media. Do some street campaigns, Radio interviews, feature for musical shows,etc.


I am very sure there are quiet a lot of other reasons that might be objecting upcoming artists to reach up to their full potential in Zed, but these are my personal giants so if you feel there are some more, feel free to leave your comments in the space below this post. And don’t forget there is some one who needs to see this, so press the share button too!!!