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A day is coming, a day all we pretend not to care about

And death is silently coming with it, to take you out

Am not hoping, but I am certain, the time will come

When the music will play silent, except for the reapers hum

Oh, my heart beats in discard

 And of terror and fear – who can withstand?

Nothing will be left out of me

My hands won’t touch, my eyes won’t see

 My mouth remains speechless, my ears rather deaf

A farewell forever, bye to mother earth

Poor Adam why did you eat from the forbidden tree?

And allow such a tormenting moment get through to me?

Death passionately kissing my beautiful soul

Paradoxically, “I will be answering the Lords call

When am gonna die, no doubt you will all be welcome to my funeral

Lovers and Foes, you will see alike me off to my burial

Six feet under I will be rolled in that box of wood

So as to be fed on by earthly worms as food

Yes, I will be left to decompose perhaps I should turn into a valuable mineral

(Copper or Gold, I wouldn’t mind any more)

Woe to you foes, u will never hate on me again!

 Hating an immortal is only pain in vain

Lovers will cry; “Cum back Danny!”

 Yet from me came no response

 Their pain and grief will be none of my concern, of course

They will gnash their teeth as they terribly mourn

But I won’t dare to care, for I will be gone

Somewhere far from them, perhaps heaven but who knows?

 Now the ladies that I loved, all the lips if I ever kissed

Farewell forever 2 every crush, chances I ever missed

This is a fact we ought to learn

Yes, tears should drop

 But that’s the mourners job

 What else is to be done?

Let there be Tears, tears! Tears!!!!!!

But I will tell you as Jesus;

Death is a genius

So, you can keep running

Or mourn for yourselves, but in judgement death is coming!!!