POEM: Painted Red (By Danny K)

Painted Red

Painted Red is a freestyle Sonnet written with no particular Metre or rhyme scheme. It is indeed a verse to express oneself: Painted Red Bruises on my heart I triumph in dispute with my soul; My conscience ridicules me- Mostly am fighting against I. My smile is an agenda of agony, My laughter is a curve of

SHORT POEM: Crazy & Confused (By Danny)

Crazy & Comfused

Crazy & Confused Yes crazy and confused Emotions diffused My pure heart abused Yet am not fused Salivating sweet stupidity Am I pushing against gravity? Pressure pressing my chest cavity What a blunder in reality Equate this not to stupidity. She calls me daddy Her lips my candy A day and am addicted to her, buddy! I can't think, she can't study Rather texting,


As if reciting a poem, I heard A poet lamenting as he said "Love! I wish this myth can vanish Than to find another innocent soul to punish"   He cursed the day he met the damsel’ Blamed his heart to have fallen in love as well "My babe, my boo", he cried "Is this all you can


A day is coming, a day all we pretend not to care about And death is silently coming with it, to take you out Am not hoping, but I am certain, the time will come When the music will play silent, except for the reapers hum Oh, my heart beats in discard  And of terror

DREAM – By Danny

Shud I write my mind a bit so as to introduce myself? Or shud I just watch nd stare lyk de books on shelf? which z which? I knw u cnt figure- That I luv poetry nd every part of it is a great idea. let de  dogs back At everythin dat seems sinister in de


I decided to spend it with the woman I adore. Because I only met her a couple months ago; We should cherrish our moments to the brim Since she was, and still is the one girl of my dreams...     Times as this, was supposed to be enjoyed But not when you are joined By a gang