T.HO.T – By Syre

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I heard there is something uncool

About you

Which is actually untrue

And New…


People say you are a wincher;

That you seek pleasure, any horny man’s quencher…..

A gold and fortune searcher;

Companion to the blessers and a semen rencher!

But I don’t want to judge u, coz am only a researcher


And I could tell from the go, only that you loved was adventure

But it turned into a bad venture

And so you signed up for an  indenture

And got pulled down by this clencher or that back bencher

(He is your fan, so don’t be a blencher)

Wipe off your tears, coz a rencher doesn’t be a drencher

Look to your responsibility, as you undergo  this aventure.


So I heard Stories about you

And they are few…..


They say your fortress is in casinos and a shebeen

Since you turned eighteen

And that you cast off your emotions and your dream

To find comfort in drugs with high content of caffeine

To kill your stress, you turned yourself  into any man’s sex canteen!


This is a tragic, unforeseen

You dare turned every single Fridays in to a thirteen

Feeding men of all ages with content obscene;

Entertaining sin, setting the morality on fire with your wicked gasoline!!


So this is just but a single story of you,

I’ts all but true…..

Your heart paints red;

But love is blue.