Producer Vue Smallz, Hustlers Dream To Success And The Future Of Yeah Baby Music
Vue Smallz

Producer Vue Smallz, Hustlers Dream To Success And The Future Of Yeah Baby Music

He has been on the scene for a time only God can remember. However, since we cannot judge success by the amount of time spent, lets jump straight into what make this Multi talented Artist excerptional.

A Quick Background

Vue Smallz at iWave Radio
Vue Smallz at iWave Radio

We could go back as 2012, and still find him doing his thing. A man for the people he has always been. Through his studio, he managed to introduce a record label, “Yeah Baby Music” which was quick to spread some influence and attract various well known artists like Camstar, Pablo Picasso and Kopala Swag signee Coziem

It was feat like this that stablised his recognition and earned him respect especially by upcoming artists in the early days of his career, but to be honest; he had a bigger heart and better vision for his hometown.

Below You can download some of the songs he produced for Camstar & Coziem thanks to ZambianMusicBlog for the data.

Top Five (5) Songs Produced by Vue Smallz For kopala Swag

Camstar recording at YBM in 2013
Camstar recording at YBM in 2013

Life as an Artist - Hustlers Dream To Success

Just as anybody else could tell you, it’s not easy for a music producer to find time for themselves and express their feelings and ideas through music as a singer. But for Vue Smallz, this all happens almost so easily. He has done a couple of influential songs including the currently trending song “I want You” which features Tremaya, but his most influential music came from his 2017 Mixtape “Hustlers Dream To Success” which was premiered in November, on ZambianMusicBlog.

Pist – Hustlers Dream To Success (Mixtape)

YEAH BABY MUSIC Presents the long awaited hip hop mixtape called Hustlers Dream To Success performed by PIST featuring Various emerging artistes. The mixtape was produced entirely by Vue Smallz. Check on this new mixtape and share your thoughts.

Yeah Baby Music, Artists And Future Plans

Komboni Cypher Nchanga
Yeah Baby Music Team during the Komboni Cypher

All along, Vue Smallz passion is to empower other Young talented artists. This has led him to create opportunities and space for alot of upcoming musicians and producers especially in his hometown. Gladly, most of the artists make it to the top of the food chain and remain in the race for a long time.

Some remarkable names to mention include Kai, Noiy P, Nibro, *Umusepela Crown &  T Low.

Other notable fast uprising artists include CP The Rapking, Xaven, Tremaya, Brizzy Zambia, Kido Khokane, Flowzer, TS, Nazo Mr Snatcher, Anastacia & many more. You can check some of the mixtapes done by his artists by visiting the MUSIC page on this website.

To expand his influence further, Vue Smallz offers a wide range of FREE MUSIC BEATS available on this website and are accessible world wide.

He is described by the people close to him as a selfless individual who promotes unity and believes we can all achieve great things by working so hard.



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