"A Watch from the dark" | A Quick Background.

I experienced my first crush when I was 20 years old. The Girl was barely 15 or 16, I couldnt remember, not that it matered.

Her name was Gina. A young innocent looking girl that finally caught my attention, despite others giving it more than one short to hang out with me. She was in grade 8 by then when I decided to get her attention. She was the first girl I was ever proposing so things did not work out as expected. I lost and it almost broke me apart.

I refused to give up my fight, and as a result I wrote down every thought I had about her, every action I did around her, and of course; every lie I made about her.

All this is contained in three (3) concurrent Episodes, I call books. Written some many years ago, there is hope that they still exist somewhere and I might re-publish them here later, but for now; there is a newer episode(s) that I have written. A connection to this mystery story that no one knew about, a more exciting book that updates the lost parts of “A Watch From The Dark” and unfolds the fufilment of a prophecy that was made along long time ago.



Each of the first three episodes of the book had a title, so I decided to call the fourth one CLEZ. 

As some might notice, Clez is the name of the guy who is close to me in real life, so you might have some questions as to why I am going to name my book after him. Well, it is because, Clez is going to play an Important role in the plot of this episode, (and the entire story) that is why I decided to honor him.

Despite the book having real real names of people around me, real places and similarity in situations, the book is ficticious and imaginary. However, I use real life incidences to marry my story with the current time and places, that is why the book seems to be more true that fiction. I guesss this should stimulate the readers anxienty for it will seem as though they where following right in videography of my life.

All you need to know

A watch from the dark is about one or more supernatural beings that exist in the world of love, Feelings, trust, betrayal! Its a story about people we dont consider relevant to our lives and how they play vital roles and make the most influence in society. It uncovers the secret balance of power, truth about religion and the real meaning of FREEWILL

“It has been a long sleep…
Finally The dreams are coming back to me;
I can feel my senses –
And now that i have direction:

TITLE:                  A Watch From The Dark IV : Clez

WRITER:               Sylvester Makuya

EPISODES:             10 Episodes

RELEASE DATE:      Monday 31st December 2018, Episode One.

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