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As He promotes the launch of his Ep, “The Fear Of God” Neyz samples us with what is in stock by dropping a single titled HONEST featuring Steques

Listen/Download the song below and read through the lyrics.

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U gat to honest 

U gat to be

U gat to be  honest 




Honest Hon Hon Honest

the truth hurts lies worse 

Chains loose wen u speak the truth tho aaa



(Verse1 Neyz)

Kiki laughing stock coz u too churchy 

U pray hard they think u kuku 

Dont stop continue face up 

He sees every pain u go through 

Watch it u might spit match sticks 

Watch it they will as wat u on 

Dont blink one lie can kill u 

Be brave one truth can free u 

Go back to ur roots Og 

Don’t live a freak life tv

Sin leads to the tombstones 

Thw heart wannts the gemstones 

U tend to miss out who really made u 




(Verse 2 steques)

Live it up for my God Keep it clean honest

Live it up keep it real all the way to the end wait wait wait u are king(loyal)

Never never let a lie keep u bound to the ground 

Dust your feet shine like a light 

Kalahse kwasi mwabele jesu wangu mupati jesu wangu mubotu

Lie will keep u weak lie will make u slave u will run away from ur trueself 

Yolo yolo yolo u gat a chance to live

Follow follow put it all in ur mind

Play it safe.